Kontakt.io Secure vs. Kontakt.io Standard

WARNING We are discontinuing support for Firmware below 4.x with these updates.
  Kontakt.io Secure  Kontakt.io Standard
Beacon firmware 4.0 or newer 3.1 or older
Unique ID  Not available Part of the Scan Response Packet
Eddystone Yes Yes
Battery-life No impact on battery life No impact on battery life 
Software lock in Beacon firmware Yes Yes 
Shuffling Shuffling available, see below. Not available 
Broadcast iBeacon identifiers 

Fixed: Proximity UUID
Shuffled: Major, Minor, and MAC address

Fixed: Proximity UUID, Major, Minor, BeaconID, MAC-address 
Broadcast Eddystone identifiers 

Fixed: Namespace
Shuffled: Instance ID, MAC-address

Fixed: Namespace ID, Instance ID, URL, MAC-address
Configuration method  Secure Communication: new configurations created in API as encrypted package, which is fetched, and applied in a single transmission. Beacon confirms successful config. Configuration: new configurations created in API and fetched by the configuring device, which connects to beacon by using beacon specific password, and requires a back and forth communication for configuration of every setting.
Kontakt.io Proximity SDK Required. Must be implemented in the app to resolve shuffled identifiers with Kontakt.io Proximity API. Not required
Configuration can be done via? Kontakt.io Admin Apps and/or an App that has implemented Kontakt.io Proximity SDK 2.0 Kontakt.io Admin Apps and/or 3rd party app by using the beacon-specific passwords.

If you would like to learn how to upgrade the firmware of your beacons visit this tutorial.

- 2017-10-25 16:55:59 UTC
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