Moving Beacons into a different account

Merging devices into a single account can be accomplished by moving all Beacons out from one account into another. This can be done through our Proximity Web Panel or our /device/move API endpoint. 

WARNING Once devices have been moved out of its original account, there’s no way to recover them using that same account. Any Venues or Accounts assigned to that device won’t be transferred. 

To move Beacons into a different company using our Web Panel, please follow these steps: 

  1. Sign in using the account from where the Beacons are going to be moved out of and select desired Beacons and click Bulk Edit
  2. Click on the Sharing tab, select Move to other company and enter the email address from the new account.
  3. Save the changes. You will need to confirm this change as the devices will no longer be visible on your account. This change can't be undone.


To learn more about our user types and roles, please check out this article.

NOTE The account to where the Beacons are being moved must have previously been created. To create a new account, simply visit our Web Panel from a different browser or log out of your existing one. 

There’s no need to delete accounts with no devices assigned, but please let us know if you’d like us to do so.

NOTE: It's not possible to: a) move beacons that are shuffled. Shuffling needs to be turned off first, in order to proceed with the beacons reassignment.b) move Gateways, as they are tied to the account's subscription.

 To learn more about sharing beacon options based on access type, please check out this article.

- 2017-11-10 22:51:23 UTC
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