How to switch between beacon profiles?

NOTE To learn more about iBeacon profile go here. If you are also interested in Eddystone profile and its packets check this link.

If your beacon has firmware 4.0, you can chose one of the two beacon profiles ( Eddystone or iBeacon ) in which your beacon will broadcast.

Please note that we are deprecating support for beacons with firmware below 4.X, as detailed in this article

Below you can see how to change beacon profiles on beacons: changeprof.gif

NEW With the release of firmware 4.1 it's possible to broadcast more than one profile at the same time. To learn how this works check our blog post.

For the beacon with firmware 4.1 or above, you can specify which packets your beacon will broadcast.

Below you can see how to switch between beacon profiles and packets on beacons:


WARNING Remember to save any changes, and apply this new configuration via our Admin App.


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