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Behavior on Android 8



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    Konrad Bujak


    I know it is not related to the topic but your activityCheckConfiguration will always lose the beacons as you are scanning for 10 seconds and then 1minute break. The default configuration of activityCheckConfiguration checks every 5 seconds if the beacon was not seen for more than 10 seconds.

    Back to the topic, it might be a problem of the build of the Android. I assume that both of your devices have different ROM, one can have stock and the other for example vendor ROM. It might be that Pixel has more aggressive policy about battery saving. What is more I would try debugging the behavior of the device. So if the scanning starts what is happening, what methods are called there. 

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    Hi Konrad

    Thx for the answer. I already know. I lose all my foundet beacons. But this is ok. The JobSchduler starts every 15 seconds an start a new scann. I want to achive that every JobScheduler run start one scann and then stoped. Thats work fine at the moment.

    I want not implement the permanent scanning with a service. With the newer Android versions is this not so cool.

    Only the stock ROM has a problem. I've enabled SDK loging with this code hier. But I see notfing in the logcat. What is the TAG Name from SDK?

    public class App extends Application {
        public void onCreate() {

            KontaktSDK.initialize("<API Key>")
                      .setLogLevelEnabled(LogLevel.VERBOSE, true);




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