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No firmware upgrade option on Beacon Pro




  • Official comment
    Adrian Ziobro

    1.10 is at the moment the latest firmware version for Beacon Pros currently. If you already have it on your devices, there is nothing to update.

  • Andrew Storms

    Why does this link say "There is a new firmware version for Beacon Pro: 1.9"? Also, which Beacons are all the way up to 4.x? 

  • Konrad Bujak

    Beacon Pro has different features, so is the firmware. As it is relatively new compared to Smart Beacons, the newest firmware is 1.10. For the Smart Beacons and Tough Beacons, the newest firmware is 4.2. However, USB Beacons and Card Beacons also has firmware adequate 4.1 and 4.2.


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