Kontakt TLM packet structure




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    Adrian Ziobro

    We plan to release the specification for the Kontakt.io Telemetry packet next week.

  • Morgan Heijdemann

    More findings:

    hcidump output:
    0C 020106 08166AFE03 030D C116 C9
    03 0209 61 C7
    11 020106 0D166AFE02 0801 0264F439524434 DB
    1D 020106 19166AFE03 0902 10FDFF40FFFF2604 0601 3A539F5A64 0305 FF19 CB
    03 0209 61 CB
    11 020106 0D166AFE02 0801 0264F439524434 C8
    03 0209 61 C6
    0C 020106 08166AFE03 030D C216 D1
    11 020106 0D166AFE02 0801 0264F439524434 C9
    03 0209 61 C7
    1D 020106 19166AFE03 0902 10FCFF40FFFF2704 0601 3B539F5A64 0305 FF19 D6

    and the parsed values:

    FC:99:XX:XX:XX:XX [a] txPower:97 RSSI:199 BUTON:5083 MOVED:338 ORI:(253, 255, 64)@16 TEMP:26 UTC:2018-03-07 02:31:58 BATT:100 UNKONWN: (25 22 3) (2, 100, 244, 57, 82, 68, 52)

    The specifications of the type/flags:

    Seems the first byte is the packet type (0x03 0x0c 0x11 0x1d)
    Second is the kontakt packet type and length :

    0x03 (every .5 sec)

    • name (0x09..)
    • txPower (0x0209)

    0x0c (every 1 sec)

    • last button press (0x030D)
    • UUID (0x020106) +3 unknowns

    0x11 (every .5 sec)

    • unknowns (0x0801)
    • UUID (0x020106) +3 unknowns

    0x1d (every 1 sec)

    • time stamp and batt level (0x0601)
    • temperature (0x0305)
    • orientation  and accuracy (0x0902)
    • UUID (0x020106) +3 unknowns

    Still to find out:

    • uptime in seconds
    • rssi, txPower and temp scale
    • Lots of unknowns (0x801 and 0x020106)
  • Andrew Storms

    @Adrian Ziobro Has the specification for the Kontakt.io Telemetry packet been released yet?

  • Liam Relihan

    I need this information also. In particular I need brightness data


  • Fabian Ramirez

    there are news about the documentation release date? I need it urgently.

    At least, it would need confirmation that there will be no licensing problems for reverse engineering the information published by the beacons in this telemetry frame.

  • Morgan Heijdemann

    Placing the beacon (only) in Kontakt.io Telemetry packet greatly reduces battery life.
    All our Tag S18-3 (firmware v1.3) ran out of battery within 2 months.

    I wonder if the Power Saving based on working hours feature works independent of the Gateways or if it is a push from the gateways.

  • Morgan Heijdemann

    @Adrian Ziobro is been a year, hopefully a profitable one.
    Any luck opening up the tlm specs anytime soon?

  • Damian Kuźma

    Hi Morgan,

    The specs are already open and well documented. Please refer to our Developer Portal.

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