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Entered/Abandoned Region



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    Konrad Bujak

    Hello guys,

    Do you use Ranging or Monitoring? If the Monitoring then keeps an eye on the inactivity time. Probably you have also used the ActivityCheckConfiguration, by default it checks each 5 sec if the beacon was not visible for 10 sec. If the phone did not "see" beacon for 10 seconds it triggers lost/abandoned methods.

    So now, when the inactivity time of scanning is something around 10 seconds, you will always lose beacons from your sight as the device will stop scanning for about 10 seconds.

    How to solve it? I would change the inactivityTimeout in your ProximityManager Configuration to bigger value i.e. 20-30 seconds.

  • Abhishek Sharma

    Yes I am too facing the same issue. I use an app called "locate" to simulate the beacons behavior . Whenever it enter the mobile which contains the kontakt api to detect the UUID of  "locate" it trigger the Discover event however within 10 seconds it trigger Lost event, I have not changed any position of it.

  • D R

    I use Ranging what should i change to achieve that??? Final question: Do i have to configure my regions in every class or i can configure them once in a class and then use them from there??

  • Konrad Bujak


    If you are using Ranging, then you should not see that problem. Then check if you do not overwrite this configuration. You can also use simple ScanStatusListener to check how the scan is going on. If the scanning is constant without any breaks and you are still losing this beacon, check beacon itself. It could be damaged and it might be losing connection to the battery or just has low battery level.

    You can et multiple regions in one class. You just need to create a collection of them, check the javadocs about it.


  • D R

    Hello again,

    I just have used the 2 examples from github (  & and the problem is still there.. Even though i don't exit  my room where i got all my beacons I get the exit message... Could you please tell me exactly what to do or update the projects that i mentioned?

    Thanks in advance!


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