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Indoor Location/Navigation mobile SDK?




  • Official comment
    Adrian Ziobro does not provide an indoor location/positioning/navigation SDK. There are numbers of companies that specialize in this particular use-case and we think they do a great job. We don't think there is a need for us to release another SDK just for that.

  • Vitaliy A (VitoA)

    Thank you for response.

    The problem is that "other companies" provide their SDKs along with their beacons only.

    Could you suggest some SDK that does not require to switch to other beacon providers?

    Indoor location is quite big part of use cases for beacons.

    Strange that you agree to lose bunch of users and let others like "Estimote" pull your potential users.

  • Adrian Ziobro

    Here are some examples of companies that specialize in indoor navigation:

  • Maria

    Hi Vitaliy,

    As it was mentioned above there are many companies that specializes in indoor location SDK, but not many which blend a number of different technologies as Indoorway does. At our website you may find SDK which can be easily integrated into new and already existing mobile apps developed for iOS and Android run devices. In addition, you are provided with access to a robust code, continuously improved APIs and clear documentation, so the deployment process can be really quick and transparent. What is worth mentioning that our SDK is publicly free. 

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