Still unable to view beacons on mobile app




  • Martind

    I also have this problem.  I can see the beacons fine in the web panel but not in the 'My Devices' tab of the Android application. 

    The devices DO show up in the 'Nearby Devices' list.

     I am logged in as the same person in both places.

     I don't know if its relevant but I have shared my devices with a colleague with editor permissions.

  • Adrian Ziobro

    It would be better to keep all conversation in the same place, rather than sending pieces of informations via different channels, creating multiple posts, etc. In your case it looks like you have Beacons HD18-3, which are not supported in the iOS app yet. New version of the app is coming soon.

    Please pull-to-refresh on the list of your devices or log out and log back in.

  • Martind

    Hi, refreshing and logging out and in has not helped. I still cannot see my devices.
    I have tried in both the old and new application.


  • Adrian Ziobro

    Martin - Since you also have Beacons HD18-3, the answer is the same - support in mobile apps for this type of beacons is coming soon

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