• Adrian Ziobro

    Beacons are standard BLE devices. They are not broadcasting anything that is not a part of Bluetooth specification. As long as you have proper tools and software, you shouldn't have any problems on parsing the data they're broadcasting.

  • Julia


    i would like to do the same as a part of my master thesis project.

    How did you manage it?

    cheers, Julia

  • Rafael Pascale



    I used Node-Red on Raspberry, there are some blocks using beacons. 

  • Damian Kuźma

    In my opinion, the easiest way to get started with BLE on Linux is through BlueZ and any compatible BLE dongle like the BLED112.

    Languages like C, Java or Python offer easy to use libraries that will allow you to scan for devices, program them or do all sorts of weird and wonderful things. 

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