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AJAX issues



  • Roland Kappeler

    Hi, I am currently experiencing exactly the same issue. I only receive empty presence array when issuing a GET request to

    As I am using the beacon infrastructure and the API for a time critical customer project I would greatly appreciate it, if someone from could clarify or fix the issue asap.


  • Adrian Ziobro

    Do you have active Location Engine subscription for your beacons? I'm not a JavaScript developer, but I'm not seeing any error handling - are you sure that you're getting 200 OK response?

    It would also be a good idea to make sure that your Gateways are configured properly - they should be connected to your WiFi and configured with the API key from the account they are assigned to, otherwise they won't be sending any data to Location Engine and that would explain lack of any items in the presence array of the returned JSON.



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