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/presence/stream not working



  • Adrian Ziobro

    Please make sure your Location Engine subscription is still valid. If you haven't changed anything in your MQTT client's configuration, Gateway's LED is still green, then the lack of subscription is the most common cause of lack of data.

  • Javier Hernandez

    ok, that seems to be the problem. Thanks!

  • Asani, Likhith Reddy

    Dear Adrian,

    I have new Kontakt IO Portal Light Gateway and beacons (card beacons and beacon pro 16-3) with Infrastructure Management and Datastreams subscriptions for beacons.  I am not sure why my portal light gateway is not able to detect beacons within range while my kontakt io app on andriod or iOS device is able to detect. Also could you guide why presence panel is not working for  me for Portal Light and Cisco Meraki Gateways. Also I also cannot find Live Maps, Heatmaps  and other location services. Could you please guide me. 

  • Pablo Molina


    Im having the same issue as Javier, Im recieving empty Json from topic /stream/:uniqueId/all. I have active subscriptions to Infraestructure Managment and Data Streams. What can I do to recieve the paylod via MQTT?

  • Marcin Kacik

    Please remember that only telemetry packets are visible from gateway overview section at

    Also, remember that the location section in online panel is designed to help you with the planning of beacons and gateways deployment. It does not allow to monitor beacons position. We will be reviewing the Location section of Panel within the next few weeks to make it more transparent and easier to use and understand

    To get live beacon status monitoring and RSSI signal level data, you can use our AppsAPI. Basic documentation for Apps-API is now a part of our developer portal here: APPS_API.


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