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Encrypting beacon configuration




  • Damian Kuźma

    Hi Toby,

    I am glad that you like our beacons.

    Unfortunately, new beacons with the nRF52 chipset do not allow for offline configuration. The encryption keys are stored in the cloud and on the beacon and they are not available to be viewed by the user. The SDK creates a configuration that is sent to the cloud, it gets encrypted and the encrypted package can be pushed to the beacon. 

  • Toby

    Thanks for the reply. That's a pity -- I really like the hardware.

    Is it still possible to order beacons which support the full Eddystone API, including the Eddystone Configuration Service (as mentioned at

  • Damian Kuźma


    There is a possibility to order beacons with a custom firmware depending on the amount and type of the devices that you are interested in. Please contact us at and our Sales Representative with reach out to you with details.  


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