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mesh network




  • Matthew De Leeuw

    to make the question more clear, can we send data to the beacons from an offline device (smartphone) using mesh network or any other means?

  • Damian Kuźma

    Hello Matthew,

    Could you explain to me how would you like to use the beacons?


    If you are thinking of the BLE mesh functionality, unfortunately, our beacons do not support it but they can be used for indoor navigation even offline. 

  • Wasek

    Hi Damian,

    Thanks for your reply! We would like to perform a couple of things with the beacons-

    1. Track the location of the beacons that could be on static (bus stop) or moving objects (car/bus).

    2. There will be light sensors (a single board computer that will most likely not have internet connection) in the bus/car and speakers (a single board computer that will most likely not have internet connection) at the bus stop. Our client wants us to send some notifications (please have a look at the attached image) from the server to the gateway and is expecting the gateway will pass the data/notifications to the beacons, and later the beacons will pass the data to the single board computers that might not have internet access. In other words, the idea is to pass some data from the server to the single board computers that might not have internet access.

    3. Th user should get a notification of the bus coming on their smartphone in offline mode.

    Looking forward to your advice!


  • Damian Kuźma



    This is an interesting use case but it will be hard to implement without any internet connectivity. 

    It looks like the most important task here is relaying information between Gateways/beacons. Our beacons are 1-way transmitters. The phone can detect them, the Gateway can detect the bus and a Gateway on a bus could detect a bus stop if it had a beacon but there would need to be additional layer/protocol on a bus stop to inform the bus itself about the passenger. 


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