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bad performance on telemetrie streams




  • Carlos Ramirez

    Did you find a way around this ? thanks

  • Damian Kuźma

    Hi Carlos and Frank,

    By default, the telemetry is broadcasted once every 1s. The Gateway scanning window is also 1s so there might be cases where the beacon can miss the scanning window of a Gateway and no telemetry is picked.

    The interval settings that you can set in your web panel/app are only for iBeacon and Eddystone packets. I would suggest changing the telemetry interval also to 350ms, which should help with the performance. The option to change the interval for each packet was introduced just recently. At the moment the custom configuration can only be created via the API and applied normally to the beacon via a Gateway or a Kontakt App.
    For more information, please visit our API reference page - 

    What you also may be interested in is the new telemetry stream which provides only telemetry data from the account (no need to subscribe to each beacon individually) with timestamps. Please just note that in this case the data is not duplicated like on other topics but is only broadcasted in the topic when there is a change.

    Technical documentation can be found here -

    I hope that this "mystical" config will help you out. :)

  • Carlos Ramirez

    Hi Damian,

    Thank you for the insights. Do you have any idea how soon the configuration of the telemetry interval will be available in the web panel or in the Admin Apps ?.   Is there any method available in the Android SDK that can be called to update the telemetry interval ?. Trying to avoid getting into the API route. Thanks.

  • Damian Kuźma

    Hey Carlos,

    The specific interval settings for each packet are part of a more advanced custom configuration. If you would like to to have the ability to adjust them via the Web Panel, feel free to post it on our Ideas Forum.

    There is a method in SDK to change the interval of the iBeacon/Eddystone packet, however, there are no options for the new custom interval settings. The normal API request is the only option for now.
    You are more than welcome to post this also to our Ideas Forum as this will help us adjust our roadmap based on your needs. 


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