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A couple of questions about remote management and protocol selection



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  • Damian Kuźma

    Hi Steve,


    1. That is correct. When you have an active subscription for Location Engine or Infrastructure Management, you will be able to remotely see the status of all nearby beacons like battery status as well as be able to make any changes to the beacon settings and firmware updates.

    2. Beacons are not connected to the internet in any way and the only option is to use BLE. If you need to have access to all of the beacons they need to be covered by the Gateway so in case of large sites, multiple Gateways are required.

    3. All of beacons support both protocols and can be chosen freely once you receive the devices. In some cases, clients do not need to reconfigure their devices and they need either plain Eddystone or iBeacon which we can preconfigure before shipping.

    Please also note that the beacons can be also configured via the Mobile App or SDK.


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