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Asset tracking uisng BLE beacons



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  • Marcin Kacik

    Hi Jasir,

    When comes to such a project. offers all hardware needed., on its mission to streamline indoor location services todayis introducing Portal Light, a next-generation BLE gateway that brings much more than just IoT connectivity and location data across BLE spectrums. As part of our commitment to our customers and partners, we aim to close the IoT connection gap while striving to encourage others to innovate by leveraging the infrastructure they already have in place, allowing them to create value within days with products. The Portal Light brings awareness of the environment at the single room level, enabling software access to a much richer dataset of the indoor workplace environment and helping partners and customers to deliver more location-accurate solutions. 
    - Enabling location services: Retrieve location data of moving BLE tags and badges from the Portal Light or use the Portal Light to augment your existing BLE-enabled access point infrastructure for better accuracy.
    - Real-time device management and site monitoring: Stay up-to-date and remote monitor your BLE beacon and tag battery and location information in real-time across multiple locations, independent of mobile phones. In addition, allow for OTA firmware updates. 
    - Simplified deployment: No extra installation equipment needed. Easily deploy your Portal Light by plugging it into a power socket. Get it up and running in minutes.

    Location Engine & Streams 

    Providing real-time information about the location of detected devices within the range receivers.

    • Retrieve processed location streams from and third-party gateways including
      • Raw presence streams per gateway
      • Best-Gateway-processed location data
      • XY-Coordinates
    • Select the modification of the location engine set-up including time aggregation intervals

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