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Beacon Calibration



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    Marcin Kacik

    Hi José Manuel Aguilera Montalbán,

    To give you some context, Bluetooth works on a 2.4GHz frequency – the same as, for example, WiFi routers, phones, or microwave ovens. So, while in laboratory conditions, their signal strength and distance measurements are usually quite precise. In real-world environments, interference caused by obstacles, water, walls, ceilings etc. affects signal stability.

    Please follow those two articles [Top 10 Tips](, [A Quick-Start Guide to Beacon Installation](

    Now possible to calibrate your beacons using the Web Panel or directly in the administration apps. This is especially useful as the beacons tend to emit different RSSI signals in different environments, so calibrating your beacons to reflect better their behaviour in the location they will be used in, will help increase the accuracy of those readings.

    There, under general settings, you will find the available Tx Power with its calibrated value right below, as shown in the image.

    Once you have identified the received RSSI value at 1 meter from your beacons in the venue, you will be deploying them. You can change the calibrated value in the 1M RSSI field according to the Tx Power configured on your beacons. Once you are all set, save your changes. 

    Then proceed to apply the new configuration using administration apps. We have tutorials available for both administration apps:

    Only devices are supported by Kontakt cloud.

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